Features and Benefits

  • Open Ear Design

    Never miss a beat with zBones! Now you can hear your surroundings and music at the same time! 

  • Private listening

    The innovative conduction technology will provide you with crystal clear sound without disturbing others!  

  • Extended Battery Life

    6 hours continuous calling, 2 hour recharge, 7 day standby, and a 10m Wireless transmission distance!


Experience zBones, hear the music and your surroundings!

zBones will change the way you listen to music!"The zBones rest on your ears lightly. The biggest thing that I've noticed is that I can carry on a conversation while I'm listening to music."- Justin Covillon

Hear the dealer, the players,and never miss a beat!"I love these for playing poker because I can hear whats going on around me. The music is loud and clear and i'm the only one who can hear it."- Jeff Wade

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