• Dual Hearing Technology

    zBones fit comfortably OVER the ears and the speakers rest gently on the cheek bones, directly in front of the ears.  The vibrations generated by the speakers are transmitted through the cheek bones directly into the inner ear for interpretation by the brain.  This process allows for the ear canal to remain open for traditional listening.  Built-in microphone for crystal clear phone call communication.  

  • Comfort And Wearability

    zBones won't fall off and they can't fall out.  Our headphones are ergonomically designed for long-term wearing comfort along with the security in knowing that they won't fall out of your ears.  Sweat Proof for active lifestyles.

  • Bluetooth Pairing

    zBones headphones can be easily paired with up to two Bluetooth-enabled devices, providing the user with audio sources such as smart phones and TV's, TV-connected sound bars, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.